Summer Camp

Saken Sports Camp Inc. is celebrating our 22nd year, and is happy to continue to offer the opportunity for boys and girls to develop in a variety of sports activities. The learning experience will be enriched by expert instruction in every sport. In addition to sports we offer tournaments, arts and crafts, special events, theme days, and our famous Shave Ice. At Saken Sports Camp, we offer a 7 to 1 camper to coach ratio and may be as low as 3 to 1.




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At Saken Sports Camp we offer three camp programs:

1. Traditional Sports Camp for Girls & Boys 1st-7th

This is our most popular program where we play a variety of Games, Sports Activities, and Tournaments. Please download our brochure to see more or click on “about us” or the “FAQ” tag to get more information.
Dates Offered: July 11th-August 19th


Each week we cover at least three different sports. During that week special attention is given to the basic fundamentals of each sport to help strengthen your child’s skill and knowledge of the game. By the end of the week, each camper will be on a team playing games, gaining the confidence necessary to truly excel. Whether your camper is 3, learning to catch and throw, or 13 preparing for a championship game, we will help prepare your child for all levels and experiences. Our coaching staff works hard to create the most supportive, fun, safe and enjoyable learning environment. Sportsmanship and teamwork are always emphasized.


First Aid certified lifeguards with years of experience will supervise and coach your camper daily.

Special Days and Events Include:

Olympics Day, Awards Ceremony, Wacky Relays, Water Park Day, Sports Spectacular Day, Coaches V. Campers Day, Halloween Day, Carnival Day, Ultimate Jumper Day, and a Hawaiian Luau.

Arts & Crafts

There are a variety of arts and crafts available in the game room for all campers to participate in creative projects.

World Famous Shaved Ice

Original Shaved Ice with over 10 flavors to choose from will be served at least twice a week.

Sports & Games Played at Saken Sports Camp

Basketball, Football, Tennis, Obstacle ball, Hockey, Capture The Flag, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Prisoner, Swimming, Breath Breaker, Gymnastics, Dodge Ball, King Pin, Track & Field, Mini Golf, Water Relays, Water Polo, Kickball and many other exciting activities and games.

2. Rookie Camp for Girls & Boys Pre-K, DK and Kindergarten

Rookie Camp is a modified version of our Traditional Sports Camp program suitable for younger children. The key differences are that we provide more coaches and counselors and extra supervision to ensure that Rookie Campers have a positive experience.

3. Golf Adventure Camp for Girls and Boys in Grades 3rd-7th

Saken Sports Camp is excited to offer Golf Adventures, a Golf Camp that caters to first time beginners as well as very experienced golfers.  A complete range of shots will be covered, including full swings with irons, chipping, putting and exciting lead up games and challenges.

Our golfers will experience championship style tournaments, the popular Ryder Cup Day and play for the infamous Dimpled Cup. Rules, etiquette and the life lessons that come with the game of golf will also be introduced. To keep our golfers cool, they  will also enjoy swimming, waterslides and our famous Hawaiian style shave Ice.

Our Golf Pros are professional coaches who provide quality instruction while creating a nurturing, safe and fun environment to learn.

Come enjoy T Time with us!

4. Simultaneous Sports Camps for Girls and Boys in Grades 3rd-7th

This program is designed for the athlete who wants a little more time on a specific sport. These camps fill up quickly. Here is the list of sports specific camps:

Baseball: July 11-15
Soccer: July 18-22 and/or August 1-5
Basketball: July 18-22 and/or August 1-5
Flag Football: July 25-29 and/or August 8-12 and/or August 15-19
Volleyball: August 8-12

5. What is the cost of camp?

Below is a breakdown of pricing for our traditional, rookie, and specialty clinics camps. We offer an Early Bird 10% Discount ending February 29, 2016 so be sure to enroll now! (In order to receive this discount, all balances must be paid by midnight on the discount expiration date)

All balances MUST be paid by June 11, 2016 to ensure your child(aren)’s spots are reserved. If balances are not paid by June 11, your child(ren)’s spot(s) will be relinquished to make room for campers on our waitlist. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Rookie Camp Tuition, Pre-K, DK-Kindergarten (Ages 3.5 to 5):

6 Weeks: $2580 (total savings of $785)

5 Weeks: $2275 (total savings of $625)

4 weeks: $1910 (total savings of $410)

3 weeks: $1510 (total savings of $230)

2 weeks: $1050 (total savings of $110)

1 week: $545 (total savings of $35)

Day rate: $116

Traditional Camp Tuition, 1st to 7th Grade (Ages 6 to 13):

6 Weeks: $2255 (total savings of $645)

5 Weeks: $1925 (total savings of $595)

4 weeks: $1620 (total savings of $390)

3 weeks: $1290 (total savings of $210)

2 weeks: $910 (total savings of $90)

1 week: $475 (total savings of $25)

Day rate: $100

Sports Clinics & Golf Camp Tuition:

$100 per day/ $475 per week

Mission Statement

Saken Sports Camp is built on the philosophy that all children should have a phenomenal camp experience regardless of their gender, age or athletic ability.

Saken Sports Camp focuses on building character and emphasizes playing with pride, playing with honor and playing for fun. Our goal is to ensure that each camper has an unforgettable experience participating in various sports, games and activities in a safe environment. When a camper leaves SSC, he or she will possess an enhanced value of sportsmanship, character and self-confidence.

Contact for any additional camp inquiries!

Play With Pride – Play With Honor – Play For Fun

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